Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More from 6/15

I get along with Pam for the most part, we have our different opinions but I'm find sharing a meal with her or having her for dinner. Especially when things are going well with her hubby (another story) but I'd rather not be around her too much. We're very different... which Sam just embraces!

Melissa is a weak, frail controlling freak who's more interested in what Maddie can do for her (She's already gotten her in modeling) and how Maddie can fulfill her every need. We're not that way.. I've actually been able to explain to Maddie how to communicate with words and that she won't get in trouble if she just communicates with me. She's already said that she wishes I was her mommy and often says she doesn't like Melissa. it's odd. I think it stems from the fact that Melissa'a always telling her what to do and with then with modeling, she's picked up on that it's for Melissa really, and not fun for Maddie. Maddie can't even make a decision as to what she wants to wear at any given time. When asked, she always say "I don't know".

She's a sweet kid... as Dan puts it, she's really smitten with me. She certainly wants everything to do with me.. sit by her on the couch, she'll sleep on my side of the bed on the floor so she can hold my hand, eat next to her.. it's really cute. Dan's not really bonded yet to her but it's getting better. I'm more the boss in the house and I talk to her a lot and ask her to talk to me; she does.

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