Wednesday, April 25, 2012

39 days until I turn 49

....and we're back!

April 25, 2012
Still married
Still drinking
Still searching
and now... trying to shrink my arse before I turn 29 for the 20th time!

Want to support my exercise, find me on - Sosunni; I have been trying to walk more, God knows I can't run... and I was successful... doing a 5K every day for a week.. jUST about did it.  My shins really started to hurt.   Haven't determined if it's actually shin splints or just walking too fast (4mph usually)

I'm hoping to caputre my workouts here and some eating habits.  I can't seem to log my food to save my life!

5K at lunch time, 49:57; 650 Calories  10179 steps

Today at lunch... lifted for the first time in a probably 3 months:


Milatary Press 3x15@15#
Seated Bicep curls 3x15#15#

Rotator Cuff 'up' 3x15@10#
Incline bicep curl 3x15@15#

Shrugs 3x10@40#
Standing DB curl 3x10@15#

Upright Row 2x10@30#
BB  curl 3x5@30#

Bent over lateral raises 3x15@10#

89 days to go!