Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Email from 6/12

I'm angry at a co-worker today... I brought my parrot in the day before and the day after I went on my three week cruise with my mom last April and the cage has still been in my cube. He's been giving me shit with his passive agressive bullshit that the cage smelled like poop and they were all going to get poisened and die. I responded with "good, then I wont have to work for you any more!" he's not my boss .. .just a lawyer that I work with... then he make another comment about it smelling like poop and I didn't notice becuase that's probably how my house smelled. I just said "like no one thinks your annoying!?" he went away. They just finished playing music offices and he won the coin toss to the bigger office. Now he's all cocky. He just SOOO wants to be the BIG CHEESE here! I have to let it go... i will. after today!

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