Tuesday, June 16, 2009

emails from 6/15

We had Madeline this weekend.. her mother is such a bitch. When she called on Saturday night to interrogation of Maddie as to what she's had for dinner, where she's sleeping, I was joking around with Maddie at the same time telling her to tell her mom we're going to make her sleep in the car or in a box on the street etc. Maddie then hands me the phone and it's Melissa's friend and she starts with "I'm Melissa's best friend and I'm concerned." I hung up on her. There's history here... when Maddie was 1, I served Melissa with court papers for custody and visitation. In response, she filed for a temporary restrainng order against me and told the courts that I went there to steal her baby. Her restrating order was denied. Since then, we've been seeing Maddie every Saturday and FINALLY have overnights but only Sat. In another two weeks, we'll start having her on alternate weekends but I'll get the joy of going out to Patterson to pick her up since I'm in Pleasanton and Dan's in Castro Valley. A drive from CV to Patterson on a Friday night would take twice a long as my just going from here.
This weekend, Dan worked it out with her that she'd bring Maddie (usually recieving parent picks up) and he's bring her back on Sunday. She either didn't UNDERSTAND him saying 'I'll meet you at my parents" (we dont allow her to our house... whcih she thinks is JUST my house) and as Dan was gone Saturday morning after our morning coffee in the hottub... here comes Melissa with child in toe in MY DRIVEWAY. My anixety SHOT up and I started shaking. I was not emotionally expecting her nor PHYSICALLY.. I hadn't even combed my hair and just looked like a raggamuffin. You know, you want to look HOT when you see your husband's ex! So.. that was awful!! When I first told her that Dan was meeting her at his parents, she told Maddie to get back in the car and to get her suitcase. I said no, she can stay here, he'll come back down. She didn't seem to like that but Maddie did so she did it. Then, we went to the Livermore Rodeo for a short time after the sun finally came out. That was shortlived and then we watched movies and them mom has to call. We typically don't answer her calls since she's just trying to stir the pot and I think we'll go back to that. I even changed the ringer on the phone so we would know when it was her calling. Bottom line, we're not friends. She and Sams mom H A T E D each other and now Pam gives stuff to Maddie that comes from "auntie Pam".. certainly just to get under her skin! And I'm sure it works!

A few visits ago, Maddie was in our hot tub most of the afternoon and we had an awards show for Sam that night. We don't have a bathtub so I brought Maddie into the shower with me. She seemed to be fascinated with my boobs... i learned why later. Melisssa threatened to call Child Protective Services on my if I did it again. She's 5.. .she doesn't show our shower.. it was for creepy reasons that I showered with her.. she could totally burn herself of she turned the wrong faucet... so that was certainly a pain te ass too! Anyway. long story, short.. she's just a petty, controlling bitch. When Dan wanted the visits to go from 6 hours on Saturday (two of that being drive time) to overnights, Melissa refused. She asked the mediator to just extend it to 8 hours. They told her no and granted overnight. He's been asking for joint legal custody.. they were talking about grantint it, and she wanted it to be sole legal for the next 4 months (until next court date) for no apparent reason. They granted joint legal. She's just SOOO unreasonable and it gets to me MORE than it gets to Dan. She and Dan talked for about a half hour yesterday he said, and got honest about why they've done some of what they've done. I then sent her a note and apologized for interrupting her phone call and that since I just bought Maddie $150 worth of clothes etc for our house,she could say Thank You or have some gratitude once in a while. For Mothers Day, it was Dan's Saturday night the day before and she said she has plans and it was mothers day weekend. Now, he wants to take her Saturday Night before Fathers' Day and she's refusing. Just not fair!

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